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Super personalised children's books starring your family

Fun to create, featuring child's, mum's & dad's name and photo throughout.

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Discover our stories

The Coronation

A fantastic adventure of friendship, courage, and magic. On your coronation day, a fierce dragon has kidnapped your best friend: the cat Tommy. Can you rescue him?

Adventure in Machu Picchu

An exciting time travel adventure in Machu Picchu. A terrible earthquake will happen soon. To save the city, you must find the sacred animals of the Incas. Join the condor, the puma, and the snake on this quest!

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Our customers love our work

Isela Vivanco

My eldest daughter was very excited to see herself as the protagonist. She still takes out her book to read it anytime a friend comes home. Moreover, books are beautiful and of excellent quality.

Sandra Antara

Seeing your face, and that of your child as the protagonists of a story is very exciting! I love this project! The books are beautiful. My little boy loves his personalized book and me too!

Rossy Lena Pérez

Delighted with the excellent work received: perfect, original, speechless. Of course, I go for more, to perpetuate the celebrations of my important events!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Very easy! Write the name of the child and choose your favorite story. Then, upload the photos of the child, mum, and dad, and see how they automatically appear as protagonists of the story. It seems like magic! Finally, get inspired and write a dedication that leaves its mark.

Who's it for?

These stories are for children between 1 and 8 years old, although many of our clients order our books for older children or to read to their children still in Mummy's belly.

How long does it take?

Each of our stories is a unique gift, specially printed for your little one with the latest technology and a top-quality finish. The total delivery time depends on your location, we typically handle 10-20 business days in delivery.

How are they made?

Our stories are artistically illustrated and printed with the best quality. The softcover format is printed under the latest digital printing technology. The hardcover format is designed to last as it comes with a rigid cover for a more luxurious finish.